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Our Story

Baahubali is derived from Sanskrit meaning the one with strong arms. Baahubali was also history’s ideal man who conquered selfishness, jealousy, pride and anger. He is the epitome of inner strength that reflects the entire country of India!!

We at Baahubali, serve you not just food, but an experience that would go beyond the satisfaction of your appetite. We bring in the nostalgic flavors of Mom’s food and the best of our hospitality, to make Baahubali feel like home. Most of our recipes come from grandma’s cookbooks, the ones we grew up with, the ones that bring a smile on our face when that delicious morsel explodes in the mouth into a hundred different memories and we hope to give everyone. We take extreme pride in providing freshly made food with high quality ingredients, fresh halal meat and a twist to the traditional recipes.

We hope as you pass through our doors, you will feel the hospitality of our homeland, where “Athithi Devo Bhava” is engrained strong and deep into our hearts and where it is always an honor to feed a guest. We look forward to sharing a meal, laughs and fun with you


Baahubali's cuisine is vivid, vivacious and vibrant by all means. Our recipes are a complex blend of various flavours. We are known for our Chettinad cuisine and Biryani. Our recipes use spices like pepper, stone flower, pepper, star anisee, chillies, cinnamon, fenugreek, cloves and many more


Come visit us for a ride you would love to keep experiencing!